Monday, March 29, 2010

effing !

wat the fuck man !
i am super pissed now !!!
i just watched a video in youtube, the title is called 活活被打死..
it's somewhere in indonesia i guess..
i dono wat's wrong with those fucking men who beat the innocent woman ..
not only beat til she is dead and also they use the brick to throw on her head , so y' know.. whole red patch on the floor..

this is the point here :
no matter wat she did , she definitely DONT deserve to be PUNISHED TIL DEAD by HUMAN-BEING! at least , if it's a yes , she must get punished under the law.
wat the fucking point is there to beat the woman til she is dead in public !??!
who are they to determine if she deserve the 'death' or not ??!
wat the fuck is wrong with them ?
i 've totally outta idea of wat the hell were they thinking !
isnt there something called  'conscience' and 'sympathy' ?!?
wat the hack !
now those who involved in the 'punishing action' , i am sure they will definitely get the karma from god.
i still believe that god has His right decision to be made.

Monday, March 22, 2010


eighteen, an important stage in life.
what i gotta do is to choose the pathway for the rest of my life.(mayb it's until i retire , which is for the next 30 years )..

i know what i will take next.
but deeep inside my heart , i always ask myself :
am i really happy with this choice? am i really really happy with it ? am i interested in it ? is this suitable for my characteristic ?
i can hear a weak voice saying : no.
so i will go on and ask myself again : but why am i still choosing it ?
apparently i remain silence, because i knw the answer in , very very well..
no matter how much everyone of them hope me to go for this ambition , somehow.....i ask myself ....
sorrowful , isnt it ?

what my real ambition is to be a outstanding xxxxx .
but there goes the problem when i think further of my life.
there will definitely be a conflict between X and Y , which i know there will be a sacrifice of either me , both of them are equally imporant !! i dont want to lose this aspect bcz of that aspect.
now , i am really standing in front of a T junction. sigh ~~

am i really going to ignore the weak voice ? or am i going to accept the way everyone in my family hope.. do i have any other choice ?
to be frank , i actually dont have a direction other than the original ambition.
sigh ~
i am so not happy when i think abt this .
oh god !! help me..

Friday, March 19, 2010

i found you

that darlie is right.
this is the first exactly right statement i have ever heard..(he's a perfect guy)
no matter how hard i find a reason to deny , i failed.
i was really impressed , really really did.
the word which start from 'P' had nvr been so true , it's so solid and the facts are all shown.
oh my goodnesss..
should i say :
1. thanks god !
2. thanks LOA !
i would prefer the latter one, cause other than the basic works i have to do , LOA rules my life and i am loving it =D
so, thanks LOA !! you're my god of law. thank you.
no matter how many appreciate i say , it will never reached the level i want to express.
never mind. as long as i know how much is it will do.
ps: in case you guys start questioning what's LOA .
a law that make me a person it is , i would seriously tell.

i found you.
i love you , my Frank/William Shakespeare.
*inside joke*

quote " you may have the whole world as long as you have michael losier's belief " unquote.
trust me!
as what we used to say , i want to say this one more time.
no matter what , we'll be each other's until the last breath.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

happy ? sad ? =l

spm result is finally released.
alright dude , we're officially graduate ( said by dono-who )
well, i'm very satisied with my result !! =DDDDDDDDD


however , i'm so confused now !!!
i just thought of that question just now.
nowwww... what am i suppose to do ? i dono ? and i cant say a thing ? i wont say a thing ! coz i know i am a rasional thee yet an irrasional me myself.
i know exactly what am i thinking , i know it....
but i really cant say it !! really..just that , i hope i can say and tell....but...i cant...
sucks ! i hate  it !!
i know what will happen next , i know , it's just that neither of all of us knw what will be like afterall.
seriously, i'm sad. as in , really sad.
ps: theresa, i was nt yawning just now ( as if u still rmb ) the reason ? theresa , you knw i. i told you.
no worries , i wont say a thing to create dilemma , i PROMISE i wont.
i PROMISED myself that i will be a perfect thee.
i dare not hope either , i dont want to be either kind or selfish , i seriously dont.
i dunwan to think abt it .. pooof !!!
if there's a scale for mood.
i vote myself as negative 100.
if there's a scale for break down point ,
i vote myself as negative 100.
god ,help me !
i dono what to do,what to think,what to say,what to hope..
why am i irrasional ( inside ) ...
somehow , i know the answer very well............


i've so much to say,
yet i cant.

when there's something positive ,
there must be something negative to balance it.
this is the fact.
but can i choose imbalance ?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

what a horrible accident

pongg ~~!! * hon hon hon nonstop *
* the lorry push my car and my car was following it to reverse *
f f f f f f f f f f f f !!!!
f you lorry driver !!!
are you deaf or blind ?!
didnt u hear me hon you for so loud and long ?!
didnt u see my car behind !?
idiot !!! bastard !
there's d story....

everyone was driving straight on the road ( there's only me and the lorry on that street )..
well... just keep moving on.
suddenly , that idiot indian lorry driver reversed his idiot lorry  !!!
just right when i saw the reverse light lit up , i ald hon him !
but he was like deaf , he nvr heard me somemore reverse so goddamn fast !!!!!
wat's next ?! bang my car and my car was reversing ! ( as in d lorry pushed my car to reverse nt that i reverse myself )
momentum = mass x velovity.
walaaaaao aaa !!!!!!!
ok la , the velocity is mayb 20++km/h . but the mass !!!!!!
well the momentum is considered big !!
* swear in the car  *
then of course , get down from the car and scolded him !!
f him !!
he somemore accuse me for following him so near..
f you ! it's normal driving distance alright , u idiot !
and he said he nvr saw my car frm the mirror ! so you're blind !
how can u get the license ? lml !!!!
i asked for compensation , but he said he did nothing wrong , i am the one who drive too near..
tell u ! if  i'm a guy , i am sure i'll f u off !
but no.... i called my parents but end up they said nvm and 'sudah'..
walao a !!! i am so  pissed !! it's nt my fault and it's his fault ! why doesnt want him to compensate me !!
it's ntg matters but principal !! if i didnt get compensate tat means it's our fault nt tat effing lorry's fault !
fine !!!!!
now my front car bumper collapse like hell...
wat to do..
can only send it to repair.
wat abt the lorry ?
as u all knw , the lorry has d green colour wood .. wood worr.. of course his effing lorry was ok !
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!
my carr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the feeling of being pushed by the lorry was terrible ! it's like gonna die soon !!
me and qi were in d car , qi shouted like mad. LOL..
but thanks god i didnt die yesterday.
sigh ~~~~
what a bad day.
i cursed you , you idiot bastard freaking effing goddamn sick son train wreck useless indian lorry ! F.

what matters now is the deja vu
that's the magical science which i dont understand yet interesting.
gonna blog abt it nx time.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

what a post

test is on mon-wed.
*pulls hair and run away*
good thing ! 3 hours on mon , 1 hour for tues n wed.
finish the test at 10pm on wed.
*jump up and down*
rmb how horrible exam was when i was in secondary school , 3 hours a paper , 5 or 5 and the half hours a subject.10++ subjects. 2 weeks++ an exam.
miss pcghs and remind myself that i gotta go back on this coming sat and sun.
*a glimmer smile*
my dog stares at me and bark at my smile.
*roll eyes*
remember that i should go back to my desk and not blogging.
*walk away with head down*
toooot tooooooot tttooooooooot.

2 days 2 days 2 days left..
i miss you like hell ! =D

Thursday, March 4, 2010

the answer

you want to know the reason ? are you sure ?
then i'll just tell you here..
it's because ,
you're so not thankful !! at least if i was happy playing the 'mind-trick' game , i wont pissed !
but no !!
it's just like what you said !
so what else you expect ?

when i said i'm disappointed ,
i really am.

flu flu go away

one short lame stuff to tell..

i am sick , a dead flu.
normally i wont eat med. when i'm sick and let my body immunity to fight the disease and i'll just recover in a day . but this is real terrible til i can hardly breath , i cant breath with my nostril.
pathetic huh ?
so i have to take med. which i didnt take med for like years . SERIOSULY . this is d 1st time since the dono-how-many-years-ago.
and guess wat?
i put the pill into my mouth rite ?
then.........i cant swallow it , once i swallow , i'll chock and cough it out again.
until 10 minutes later , the med become smaller ( bcz it dissolves in my mouth ) , then i cant stand the bitterness. and i forced myself to swallow it.
holly ~! really chocked me but finally !!!!! i made it !!
wheeeeee * wipe sweat *
how successful am i.