Thursday, March 11, 2010

happy ? sad ? =l

spm result is finally released.
alright dude , we're officially graduate ( said by dono-who )
well, i'm very satisied with my result !! =DDDDDDDDD


however , i'm so confused now !!!
i just thought of that question just now.
nowwww... what am i suppose to do ? i dono ? and i cant say a thing ? i wont say a thing ! coz i know i am a rasional thee yet an irrasional me myself.
i know exactly what am i thinking , i know it....
but i really cant say it !! really..just that , i hope i can say and tell....but...i cant...
sucks ! i hate  it !!
i know what will happen next , i know , it's just that neither of all of us knw what will be like afterall.
seriously, i'm sad. as in , really sad.
ps: theresa, i was nt yawning just now ( as if u still rmb ) the reason ? theresa , you knw i. i told you.
no worries , i wont say a thing to create dilemma , i PROMISE i wont.
i PROMISED myself that i will be a perfect thee.
i dare not hope either , i dont want to be either kind or selfish , i seriously dont.
i dunwan to think abt it .. pooof !!!
if there's a scale for mood.
i vote myself as negative 100.
if there's a scale for break down point ,
i vote myself as negative 100.
god ,help me !
i dono what to do,what to think,what to say,what to hope..
why am i irrasional ( inside ) ...
somehow , i know the answer very well............


i've so much to say,
yet i cant.

when there's something positive ,
there must be something negative to balance it.
this is the fact.
but can i choose imbalance ?

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iman said...

i'm new..
love to see ur blog..
how to manage our blog..
it seem difficult to me..