Monday, March 29, 2010

effing !

wat the fuck man !
i am super pissed now !!!
i just watched a video in youtube, the title is called 活活被打死..
it's somewhere in indonesia i guess..
i dono wat's wrong with those fucking men who beat the innocent woman ..
not only beat til she is dead and also they use the brick to throw on her head , so y' know.. whole red patch on the floor..

this is the point here :
no matter wat she did , she definitely DONT deserve to be PUNISHED TIL DEAD by HUMAN-BEING! at least , if it's a yes , she must get punished under the law.
wat the fucking point is there to beat the woman til she is dead in public !??!
who are they to determine if she deserve the 'death' or not ??!
wat the fuck is wrong with them ?
i 've totally outta idea of wat the hell were they thinking !
isnt there something called  'conscience' and 'sympathy' ?!?
wat the hack !
now those who involved in the 'punishing action' , i am sure they will definitely get the karma from god.
i still believe that god has His right decision to be made.

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