Wednesday, April 7, 2010

me love♥

it had been some times since i last updated my bloggie.*blow dust and clean spider webs*
i'm still quite busy thou .
but well..i received a msg right before i step outta my door which stated english class cancelled.
so i finally can sit down , enjoy the breath of morning fresh air , rhythm which chirping birds compose and look at the atmosphere around my house in the morning.
so then i decided to upload something to share and also to update my abandoned bloggie.
no words , picture only. =) 

3 months ago,i knew someone called khor liang sun,jared.he was suppose to meet me just once.however,things didnt go the way it we met up for quite a number of times and celebrated new year eve with my L4TP friends together at butterworth.we found that we actually have quite a lot of similar characters and interests.slowly..........1/1/2010
until he went for his ns,3/1/2010, there i thought , damn this time!we go apart while our relationship just began?sadly,but it's still a fact that he must be it.3 months time.our feeling towards each other didnt fade but it grows stronger and stronger,idk why.everytime he came back for a short break,we spent a quality time together cos we really cherish it.until he come back............
we almost meet,hang out,whatsoever.f.y.i : we dont mix dating and studies is the place to study not for wat happen is just mayb he sits beside me in a few classes but dont really talk.we're rasional,eh?xD
people said it would get boring to see each other everyday but i disagree.
i love you is like by my words,it's by my heart.we had experienced some conflicts,yet i'll hold you by my hand like how you do to conquer it no matter what.this is a promise. 
you always make me smile.whenever my mind is out of anything else,you'll just come across my mind.dont ask me why i love you so much,it's d same as how u said,it's a feeling.i dont know the reason that can be stated.i told you abt my history,abt my thinking while i'm in secondary school.i was not wrong,cos you really didnt get angry but you undersatnd it.i think it is a good thing afterall.good thing that i wont trust a man easily and right now the only guy i trust is really brings you lot of afvantages.wooahh..
the pic i love most
remember the 'seventy' gift ? and remember the things we're gonna LOA it? yeahh..that's the things i want most.frankly speaking. so,let's live with it until god takes away the last air i breath.
you mean everything to me.

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