Friday, March 19, 2010

i found you

that darlie is right.
this is the first exactly right statement i have ever heard..(he's a perfect guy)
no matter how hard i find a reason to deny , i failed.
i was really impressed , really really did.
the word which start from 'P' had nvr been so true , it's so solid and the facts are all shown.
oh my goodnesss..
should i say :
1. thanks god !
2. thanks LOA !
i would prefer the latter one, cause other than the basic works i have to do , LOA rules my life and i am loving it =D
so, thanks LOA !! you're my god of law. thank you.
no matter how many appreciate i say , it will never reached the level i want to express.
never mind. as long as i know how much is it will do.
ps: in case you guys start questioning what's LOA .
a law that make me a person it is , i would seriously tell.

i found you.
i love you , my Frank/William Shakespeare.
*inside joke*

quote " you may have the whole world as long as you have michael losier's belief " unquote.
trust me!
as what we used to say , i want to say this one more time.
no matter what , we'll be each other's until the last breath.

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