Thursday, March 4, 2010

flu flu go away

one short lame stuff to tell..

i am sick , a dead flu.
normally i wont eat med. when i'm sick and let my body immunity to fight the disease and i'll just recover in a day . but this is real terrible til i can hardly breath , i cant breath with my nostril.
pathetic huh ?
so i have to take med. which i didnt take med for like years . SERIOSULY . this is d 1st time since the dono-how-many-years-ago.
and guess wat?
i put the pill into my mouth rite ?
then.........i cant swallow it , once i swallow , i'll chock and cough it out again.
until 10 minutes later , the med become smaller ( bcz it dissolves in my mouth ) , then i cant stand the bitterness. and i forced myself to swallow it.
holly ~! really chocked me but finally !!!!! i made it !!
wheeeeee * wipe sweat *
how successful am i.


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