Tuesday, March 9, 2010

what a horrible accident

pongg ~~!! * hon hon hon nonstop *
* the lorry push my car and my car was following it to reverse *
f f f f f f f f f f f f !!!!
f you lorry driver !!!
are you deaf or blind ?!
didnt u hear me hon you for so loud and long ?!
didnt u see my car behind !?
idiot !!! bastard !
there's d story....

everyone was driving straight on the road ( there's only me and the lorry on that street )..
well... just keep moving on.
suddenly , that idiot indian lorry driver reversed his idiot lorry  !!!
just right when i saw the reverse light lit up , i ald hon him !
but he was like deaf , he nvr heard me somemore reverse so goddamn fast !!!!!
wat's next ?! bang my car and my car was reversing ! ( as in d lorry pushed my car to reverse nt that i reverse myself )
momentum = mass x velovity.
walaaaaao aaa !!!!!!!
ok la , the velocity is mayb 20++km/h . but the mass !!!!!!
well the momentum is considered big !!
* swear in the car  *
then of course , get down from the car and scolded him !!
f him !!
he somemore accuse me for following him so near..
f you ! it's normal driving distance alright , u idiot !
and he said he nvr saw my car frm the mirror ! so you're blind !
how can u get the license ? lml !!!!
i asked for compensation , but he said he did nothing wrong , i am the one who drive too near..
tell u ! if  i'm a guy , i am sure i'll f u off !
but no.... i called my parents but end up they said nvm and 'sudah'..
walao a !!! i am so  pissed !! it's nt my fault and it's his fault ! why doesnt want him to compensate me !!
it's ntg matters but principal !! if i didnt get compensate tat means it's our fault nt tat effing lorry's fault !
fine !!!!!
now my front car bumper collapse like hell...
wat to do..
can only send it to repair.
wat abt the lorry ?
as u all knw , the lorry has d green colour wood .. wood worr.. of course his effing lorry was ok !
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!
my carr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the feeling of being pushed by the lorry was terrible ! it's like gonna die soon !!
me and qi were in d car , qi shouted like mad. LOL..
but thanks god i didnt die yesterday.
sigh ~~~~
what a bad day.
i cursed you , you idiot bastard freaking effing goddamn sick son train wreck useless indian lorry ! F.

what matters now is the deja vu
that's the magical science which i dont understand yet interesting.
gonna blog abt it nx time.


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