Monday, March 10, 2008

relaxing day

today i went to training as usual at youth park...
but unfortunately !!!! today has no training ??/ why !!! i dont know !!!...arghhh...FUCK..

after tat , i decide to walk around youth park and finally ..i sat on a wooden chair..
i saw the X-pax 1 , relay ur life and something like tat having activity at the field there...i sat there and look at them...

and suddenly ... :

i sat on a wooden chair ,
surrounded by greenish tree and plants;
breathing in the fresh air ,
refreshing my brain;
looking at the senior citizens walking on the little rock ,
listening to their talk and laughter;
looking at the caterpillar ,
searching for its food;
looking at the birds,
building their nest and feeding their little bird;
listening to the romantic music,
feeling the way i am;
listening to the DJ,
cheering up peoples;
listening to the rock music,
rocking my world;
looking at the little boy cycling so fast,
wonder perhaps he falls , he cry (ouch !! arghh)..
'BANG' , the lil boy fall..
wondering am i a fate decider;
hoping the boy dont cry,
hoping the boy dont blame on me;
looking at the boy stand up without crying,
praising him in my heart...

yea...tat's something like lame poem tat i suddenly thought of..
and also...i thought of some life ..
here it is :

1.wondering how the senior citizens past their time ...

2.wondering if i hv such a simple life , like caterpillar ,surviving for food and some basically creature-being's nice , it's easy but yet , it's meaningless..

3.wondering is it so difficult to bring up a child , is it so disapponting when her child did something hurt or disappointed ..

4.wondering how difficult is to stand up and build confidence after lose or fail ..

okay..there r those lame? things i thought of..
and...after some minutes , my mum came and i went home..XD

[life is about creating yourself]

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the candy crazed said...

;) silly girl, don't have activity also go. Your poem is quite nice. I thought of one too but it never rhymes. =(