Friday, March 14, 2008

STOP !! may i hv some peace ?!

she started ..
huimei , dun stay in front of ur computer !
read ur story book or newspaper ! u know students always need nwesp........................
close the piano !
wash ur shoe !
keep ur things away !
tidy up ur books !
u better wake up b4 11 tmr !
u better dun sleep after u turn off ur pc ! read ur story books or reference books!

yelled back..
i am typing my project !
tmr oni wash !
keep later !
tidy later !
plz dun bother me !

i tell u , better dun being no-manners !
wash it now !
close it now !
turn off ur pc !

went out...
close my piano..
wash my shoe..
tidy up my books...
keep my things ..
(open my music loudly !!!)

scolded again..
ask u to shut down ur pc !
go n study !
u better dun let me see a red-ink in ur report card !
better hv some manners!

went to read my story book and think and wonder...
it is impossible to not having a red-ink in my report card..
i will hv some manners if i hv some peace ! if u dun keep "huimei , ....." " huimei....." "huimei....."

when i lye on my bed and read my story book... (havent shut down pc , n music still on ) XD

started again !!!

but i dun care anymore !! i continue to read my book and cover her voice..

u know what !!!
she just dun understand abt those proj !!
she just dun understand a idiot f4 life !!
she just dun understand tat some subjects r so difficult !!! of coz i will work hard .. but still in process ...
she just dono if she dun keep 'huimei....' ' huimei....' 'huimei....' , i will not answer back !!!

when i just keep quiet , she thought tat i ignore her , and she scold ..
so wat u want me to do !!!

this is y i hate holiday...
this is y i love my school much...
this is y i love tuition much...

ps : suddenly i realize tat my finger 'pua poi' (破皮)..isshhh !! sure is the stupid detergent !!
stupid !! guess...pH8? maybe...swt..

i wanna sleep d ! dun care !! bye guys !!

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