Wednesday, June 9, 2010


~ joke of the day ~
mum : hey you knw there's my friend who is a psychologist..she has gt mental problem now ...
me    : why ?
mum : because she meets those stress or lil psycho people everyday . she talks and consults them everyday , she feels so stress at the end , and she also gt a mental prob now. so u better consider wisely..
me    : * laugh non stop *
i'd made my decision , anyway.

my life is very contented now , except the fact that joshua had left us.
the last says to joshua :
i remembered you asked me to organize a trip to monkey beach , however , i did not. if it is , it's around this time . i remembered you asked me to help u to organize ur farewell party in d hotel , i did not. i just leave it for you. these two events failed to organize at the end.
sorry , i am not a good president. i am so sorry . your president doesnt rocks as u said. =(  
maybe god loves you more , because you're really a great person.
and it might be a relief for you , you wont suffer in earth anymore , enjoy youself in heaven !
you're always so optimistic , so cheering and we wont hear no laughter whenever you're around us. 
i remember u once asked me , if i as a taekwondo player fight with a karate player , who will win ?
i told you , i dono ? maybe me ? then smile. and u told me :
then i said it loudly , YES ! I WILL WIN !
you laughed with joy and said : YES MAN ! I LOVE THIS ! 
you always ask us to be confident , i will remember it forever. 
i also remember you told me that me and liang sun make a nice and sweet couple , you like it. 
thanks for all those encouragements and memories.
our SOSAM will become a lil dull without you , bcz u're a real active and great member !
we miss you joshua .
may your soul rest in peace and your spirit stays with us.

joshua is the indian boy , the future vet. if he's still here.

life brief candle
what we need to do now is appreciate everyone around you.

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