Saturday, January 16, 2010


shopping at queensbay with sis n mum.
i saw a bag and i wanted to buy , but i didnt buy it on that day..
alright , at least i will go to get it when i go to qb ~
whooo ~~~
reli love that bag !!!!!
then we saw this dress which my sis is wearing.
it's very nice ! but guess what..
the design at the back has gt a lil bit prob , it's like vy loose at the back and made the whole dress very untidy ' lam nua ' .. so....
sigh ~~ what a waste!
mayb it's bcz my sis was not so fat to fit the size..
and of coz it goes d same way to me too..
sigh ~!
how nice would it be if the design behind fit our size.

okay now..
why is everyone saying me n my sis look alike ?
okay... maybe maybe.. how would i know.
they said if my hair is long like hers , it will be even more similar.. hair is growing longer than longer .
gonna reach the lowest part of my neck anyway. xD
wheee ~~

so i said nothing is perfect.

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