Saturday, January 9, 2010


do you know there's something called 生辰八字 ?
it's some chinese tradition says.
sometimes they said when the 生辰八字 is not suitable , you will hv some crush with them.
not as in into-them's crush , but dislike-them crush !
i think i believe it !
okay , this is not something aunty , coz i can feel it.
sometimes i will dislike someone at the very first sight.
you know , the feeling is nt to be described in words.
but yeah.. just be it.
sometimes , you dun need to see them , just by the way we chat a lil bit in the net , i will feel uneasy .
just , dislike and wanna quarrell or argue with their every says.

so , i know i am weird.
but according to some friends , they will too !
so i dun thin it's my fault rite ? at least , it's something matters 生辰八字..
i was trying not to dislike him as he is my (ok dude , dun simply guess , definitely not someone in our age )......
but but , as i said , mayb our 生辰八字 are wrong or wat , i still dun like him !
even sometimes i will type something and nothing's matter and sent him , but... ishhh..
u knw , just typing , nt saying it out or wat .. so why not ? it's just for my someone's sake..
gahhh... but i will nvr told her that i dislike him , coz i love her ! and i know she loves him !
actually i had hint her something when she always.........
and sometimes when the another 2 ppl talk abt him , i showed some irritating sign , means tat i dont want to talk abt that person...i knw he didnt offended me or what , i told u i cant explain !!
so....slap me / mok me / mao me / sakai me / whatever..

or mayb the pisces ppl have something wrong with his horoscope.
coz my friend who is also a pisces .
altho she doesnt dislike him , but he dislike her...
so , i guess it's really sometihng abt the natural thing. forget abt it.

anyway ,  i am trying my best not to hate him.
i hope i wont hate him as i am going to see him very soooon.

my dear you , i know you knw who i mean , so just forgive me , coz i knw u love me hahaha..
and you knw me very well.. i am weird at time. =)
alright , mayb i will go to find my friend or anything when he is here , IF , i still dun feel comfortable with him.
ps : dun ask me abt this thing after you see this , i will definitely give you : NO REASON, I JUST DISLIKE HIM.

take it or leave it.

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