Wednesday, January 6, 2010

what a day

isshh !!!
i am having a super bad luck today !!! gahh..
guess wat...

i had chemistry class today and we were discussing abt the answer for the homework..
then sometimes we just feel tat the ans doenst make sense , so we laugh ..
after that , the lecturer scolded us with :
girls and boys behind ! stop talking and i had observed that you guys were talking since i came into the class.
wth , we were being good and just discussing homework...
fine !
it's bcz we sat behind , she doesnt knw what were we actually doing , so..... forgiven. i am nt going to hate her nor dislike her.. =)

2nd thing , i kena saman (penalty) from the freaking police !!!
bcz i ........... illegal parking . X)
fine ! dunwan to talk abt this anymore , what the toooooot.....


college life is awesome
and i'm loving it.

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