Saturday, April 25, 2009

school graduation magazine

22 of april.
photo taking session for school graduation mag.
let's start frm miyuki and i 1st.


me n hui fang. ( contrast : huge me and kecil kecil hf )
hahha , hf with a talll talll tallllllll pcghs bell
time's for our treasurer.
u will nvr knw how many times they NG !! ROFL
preparation for the effect.
tada ~~ flowers dropping...finally , but still..
am nt reli satisfied.
i love this.but the feeling is nt enuf .. =(
us again. =D
oh no ! xm !! wat r u doing ?!
my sayangs . thx for the cooperation !
sher and i.
photo with our darling's time ! ( school's DSLR)
oh no !!! i want this !!!
connie.ok connie , frankly , i didnt knw u love photography too. xD
ling !! wat were u doing ?!
the ex f1 monitors. =D
the 5 IT pro . our dian4 nao3 xiao2 zu3
the 2 camera women. (se4 ying3 xiao2 zu3)
ps : oh no !! sher i wnana chg the post with u !LOL
butt's pic.xD
huiwen , jian min , shien joo.
sj , faster praise me !!!! xD (for u knw why )
afda recess , we( me ,shi han , cy , hz ) rushed for our breakfast , then headed to stadium for pic again.

me n cy
cy ! i sacrificed my hand so much lor !!!!!!
sorry hz , pic is nt available unless u hope sj kill me .ROFL.
wait , i will upload another ( which we showed sj ) in d nx post.
i wonder if m'sia dun hv nicer flower.DUH ~
end of 22th.
stay tune for photo taking session 2


iVAn said...
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iVAn said...

lols.. whoaa.. didnt know you girls so heng photography as well.. like d shots. =x

huimei said...

hey , photography is unisex ok..hahah..not oni guys taking dslr or camera 'gotcha' here n there only ok..hahahah..
like d shots ????
dun get it..

魂·失 said...


huimei said...

1 of my proud-est / favourite pic. xD

yvonne said...

we want dslr cam
we want dslr cam
we want dslr cam

huimei said...

hahaha , aiyar u ...
DSLR ? ohhhh-kayyyy ~~ hahahahahahahaha ..

well , of coz i want a dslr SO DAMN MUCH. smirk*