Saturday, April 11, 2009

rhythm of a blue mood

today was school's sport day , it was actually a sheer time-wasting day . grrrrr..
i was wandering with chaw yeh ,
for the bloody 5 hours just for nothing !!!
oh well...
we met some problems , somehow , it was so inevitable.
chaw yeh , the always-chivalrous one. thx a lot. =)

we sat apart with doubled-weight ,
for our own and the burden's weight ;
i look right up to the blue sky ,
you look right down to the green

your situation appearing in ur mind ,
mine , so near yet so far , question marks hovering;

you thought quietly with half-hurt heart ,
while i was oozing with sarcasm;

the gargantuan building and my tiny hard cover ,
make a strong contrust ;
you are a gadfly of mine , in a tawdry castle ,
irrestible but annoying.

nano-brain pedestrians were taunting ,
to an innocent grotesque weirdo ;

crying in the rain to disguise ,
after all , everthing in life has a parody phase.

ps: the 'you' in the second last senza doesn't mean cy anymore.


dabizi said...

i keep met u on that day....

r u following me??o.0 haha

seriously, i miss we sit tgt on 1539bus...

huimei said...

adui ~~~
it seems like u followed me huh ?
yea !!! i miss u all !!!
the place where we met , 1539.
sl , i miss u !!!