Friday, May 1, 2009

T 's bday

ppl , i am d 2nd one for updating this post.
ps : qi is d 1st. =D

we celebrated T bday at QEII , which located beside the jetty.

here is d look of the restaurant.

obviously , the girls are more punctual than d guys except lek jian who helped us to capture this.

the bday girl, T n i



herrick / ruan jing tian

the gay. haaa , kidding ~

the big eyes and round round face. =D

apple n i .NICE! thx lek !

okay , so as usual , we walked around and never the less , the toilet !
we did some shameful things. ahhaha ,sigh ~ hahahah

T maine huimei

yin fang , see man , me

xiu , u look like teh peng instead of kopi peng in this pic.
ROFL !!! OMG . * inside joke *

tada..T n qi

H , D ( herrick , daniel )

emo me. suppose to be happy , dude.xD

lek , delete d old one and save this pic. i'd edit for the brightness

acting crazy with the delicious mushroom soup. slurp ~

thx me for this pic !

okay now.
let's look at d FABULOUS(S) in QE II , every order is recommended for u all . =d

1.dono-wat-cherry-drinks( i'd forgot d name )
sweet n sour. nice ~

2.water on fire. nice. hahahahah !!!!!!! ppl , question me for this , quick . hahahahah ! slurppie pepper chicken ( correct me if i am wrong )

4.toasted potato.

5.seafood creamy pasta. [ prawn , oyster , scallop , squid ]
6.martini chicken.
hahahahah !! well , i cant stop laughing when i look at this pic. my order/ ivan's order.
xD xD * inside joke * oni T , maine n i wat was happening for this order.hahahahaha!!
7. my bikini martini. ( alcohol )
apparently , oni herrick , lek n i like this.
with my very 'professional' look

chocolate martine(alcohol) the others like this instead of my bikini m.
i feel tat it's like rotten choc. sorry girls. haha

i recapture this pic. why ?? find the ans yourself.
get it ? bcz of herrick !

the natural one.

hey lek , i love this !! look at d colour ! wooosh ! sexy(?) huh ? like african colour. LOL !!!

okay , the normal one.haha

y.qi ~
after tat , ivan arrived , woohooo ~
the hero of d day. but unfortunately , he'd to leave earlier.
sigh ~ he'd a hard time for this party.
so we asked T to dedicate him a ..... er hermm....
applause* clap clap clap
these are the decoration of d restaurant.

the toilet's wall. i love the design. very different toilet.

pebbles oh pebbles

lastly , we prepared a surprise for T.
the waiter was kind enuf to help us. a million thx to him.=D

candles love

she loves it. winks*
last but not least.
us the gang. =D
we'd knew each other for 9 years
i hope our friendship will never fade away.hugs*

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