Sunday, May 31, 2009

missing saxophone

i remember something..
as well as like it happened a moment ago.
i was studying for mid year exam.
and here my mind poped out someone else , my aunt.
i missed her!!

so when i was conscious , i caught my soul and back to the book world.
but who knows !
she called me !!
i was shocked + surprised + happy + went mad.
isnt my subconscious mind awesome and magically? hahaha

i asked mr.wind to be my postman.
so tat he can send u my love anytime.
so , anyone i miss , arent you feel lucky !? hahaha !*kidding

saxophone ? kenny G ?
yeah !!!
i am so so so into saxophone recently !
like i love it more and more !!!

i feel tat saxophone is ,

yes !! i will marry a man who knows saxophone !
or someone who are willing to learn saxophone for me, i will totally go mad !!
okay, am kidding , i mean i am not! but yes!
slap me ! wat am i crapping abt ?
laugh non stop*
ok , i still love my thee.

planned to pick up my violin lesson back right afda spm ,
but now , am in dilemma.


魂·失 said...

how u find those photos one?nice leh...

huimei said...

through my artistic eyes..
hahaha !! kidding kidding !!
internet only lor..