Monday, June 1, 2009

night at the museum 2

as the title - night at the museum 2.
it's a must watch movie !
pretty cool !
awesome !
funny !
touching ! oh especially the amelia's part.

the fuuny parts.
able and uhh ermnm..ok..the another monkey.
lar : concentrate on attacking ur enemy.
2 monkeys : slap*
hahhahaha !!

oh nah !!!
this part this part !!!
my passion was boiling and it seems like gonna burst anytime soon !
and i was nearly cried bcz of her great job and her success !
this is the real name , not only just a name in d movie.

if u dun hv any imaginary for the form 5 sejarah chap 1 and 2.
so watch it !!!
there are rom , firaun 2 ......
and u will totally love the scene!

do u ever heard of get slap bcz ppl talk to much ?
*inside joke*

this scene , remind me 2 chinese quotes.

okay , so ever wonder how the pictures proceed ?
just go to watch it !

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