Monday, June 29, 2009

teacher's day

i know you all have been waiting for this post .
and yea !! u guys are real lucky..
which my sis allow me to use her laptop and blog !!!
and as u all knw , my desktop has gt problem with blogger .
ok let's start ...

everyone had to wait at auditorium since 9.30am.
busy changing clothes , making up , setting hair , preparing for the performance.
and so on so on..
so here i went like this : *chit cha chit cha*...
let's see !

ah beh , my partner was making up for yan jing and drama club members.

so this is tat 'liar' - yi nong , ah n0ng.

this is the 'chinese teacher' with lotsa styles - ke li.

nah these 3 teachers - dalilah , ke li , yi ting - ' miss leng , leng kah lau ' .


dalilah with fear look , and ah nong with errr....'buy this gui wa wa from me , or i will kill u' look.
(i bet only pcghs students wat am i talking abt)

1st ...*smile*

and i couldnt deny , ah nong's make up is real real real yeng !

hey hey . look , praise me for this angle. she must take pic with this angle , why ? ask her lo..

nah , this is 1 of the 'student' - yan jing. and ah nong.

dalilah and i , lalala

this pose is called 普通啦..LOL

hohoho. gini !!!!
she performed singing , as this is her talent / potential. and i am sure many ppl out there know her.
ps : gini , remind me to send u all the photos.

ask me why am i laughing like this !!! ' why? '
oh , bcz i was suppose to pose for a picture , but there comes so many ppl walking around , so i felt embarrassing , and here i go like

yes , there's nobody as u can see , but i am still paise.LOL

yin fang !!!! she performed singing ..
oh yea !! yin fang , tell the world , wh0 is the professional who make up for u , LOL...
oh of coz it's u ( huimei ) LOL LOL LOL
wat , i even has the professional look when i was making up for yf ok...ask yf and see !!

yes , and this girl , i dono wat is her name. but bliv me , she definitely is a cute girl !!!!
and u will like to talk to her and give her a big wave when u see her again.

le rong ?? tze tong , and errr( sorry , tell me ur name if u see this ) hahahaha.....
so i still cant stop laughing when i look at this pic.
thx to the one who make up for le rong lo , so damn omg.....hahahahah

le rong(dance) , tze tong ( harmonica ) , errrr...( singing and guitar) , huimei ! ( drama ).

it ends like this , for those who wants their pic from me , just tell me , i will send u in msn . i have more than these.


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