Monday, June 8, 2009


0223 a.m 8 jun.
i made a decision which
'm so unwilling ,
'm so forced to.

huimei oh huimei , i'm dead.
i'd told myself ,
look at you ! u did wat u dun wanted to do !
look at you ! u are right , but why did you do so ?
look at you ! where's your hot temper ?
look at you ! where is your own principle ?
for what for what for what ?!

the word ' fair ' is created , just to match with ' devil '

huimei is dead.


魂·失 said...

r u lost? o.O

huimei said...

but i am back !!
hmmph..i dun need to pay so much for those unworthy.
rmb ? i am superwoman..
wahhahahaha !!!

魂·失 said...

LOL...ok....good good... xD