Friday, October 8, 2010

good bye my INTI friends

and so , i'm back from INTI college , for the last time.
i feel reluctant i feel sad ,i'm down but wat to do ? this is life.
i'm about to go to another chapter of life again thou this is a really short one yet a nice one.
dont feel like talking too much today , i just want to observe everyone clearly and make them into a print in my journey.
before i came back , i went into the last place , the only one place i want to enter so much >>> miss leela's office. so , opened the door , entered.
telling her something , some last words i guess. she too , gives me some encouragements some advices and some good luck says stuff..feeling very nervous , not because im talking with her but because i'm controling some  you-know-what-glands. but well , i did it well . ( whisper : just not after i get into my car )
i rmb i once went into her office before , and tat's the epic one , not to mention of course , a private stuff.
today was the last day i go into class,
today was the last day i listen to the lecturers teaching,
today was the last day i can laugh at some funny students,
today was the last day i can sit with a few of my friends in my good friend list and girls talk,complain,this and that,
today was the last day i come to class with my dearest friends and beloved,
today was the last day we keep poking me and draw on my hand and 'bully' me,
today was the last day we can sit together and discussing about questions,
today ...
was really the last day we can ever be classmate,  5++6 months , very short yet a lot of sweet memories , how much i want to be classmate with you again but i just freaking cant.shit !
not to mention the feeling of how much i dunwan to leave the pre-u life , because everyone should know how sorrowful it is.
life goes on,
but , my toughness still does not move well.

leela's celebration and some pictures with classmate will be posted when i'm free.
ps: final external exam is just around the corner ,6 days to go. 
i'm actually , a weak person.

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