Wednesday, October 13, 2010


some random and (boring/funny/lame/weird) post to share.
ps : i'm not gonna post any celebration event or any picture posts due to the lack of time ( final exam is on fri ) SCREAM WITH PRESSURE *
however , i still need to take some times to relax and come to blog. x) .
whisper : i am still tv series ! O.O KILL ME PLEASE*
just to record down some weird dreams i dreamt these weeks, kinda funny thou.

1. i dreamt of myself sitting for the HSC final exam. the students were all my high school school mates.the teacher in charge is my primary school teacher named as APPLE PIE or RABBIT BIN. shit ! we hate her ! and the exam hall is somewhere like a concert hall ,very nice.. uhhh !! now i rmb ! it's MYOB concert hall ! qi , the hall appeared in my dream LOL !!! duhh !! and you knw what ? i forgot to bring any stationery to exam and i'm a bit late !! so i just simply took others stationery where they put outsite the hall , and one of the stat. i took is FELICIA LIM's. what a 4 in 1 weird dream !from primary to pre-u. damn ! ps : i'm under pressure i suppose. the beginning of the dream , i'm in a toilet , the toilet is a weird toilet , which you can pass throught it to another room of toilet , which mean it has no privacy tho it has door which can lock as usual. the worst part is , when i stood up and look at the other toilet ( which has nobody , luckily ) i saw a GOD DAMN FROG ! it saw me and it said : YES MADAM !" then immediately right after the 'yes madam' , it jumps to my toilet ! omg !!! so i sneak to another toilet and IT CHASED ME !!! i ran to the living hall , who knows its speed is like rocket !!! goodness know ! you know what ? it has very sharp teeth and it wanted to bite me ! and when i'm hiding in somewhere else.........
i'm awake because some stupid ppl call me on my phone. but thanks to her or i've to stay in the nightmare ! hahahaha..

3.there's a heavy rain and it flood all way from the jelutong highway to dono-wat-named-highway which we used to go to qb. you know wat ? i dreamt myself parked my car at INTI , it's late night , i realized it and i've to go back to take my i CYCLE to INTI! weird part is , when i was cycling , it's day time !? hahahaha.. it was still a heavy rain , and flood , so i'm all wet yet still hv to cycle ! and i met HERRICK RIDING MOTORCYCLE ! hahahahaha !! i kept cycling the wrong my surprise , i cycle faster than vehicles which drive at the right lane ! LOL !!!!
ps: i wonder what bicycle is that. but somehow it looked very old and kolot in the dream.

4. i dreamt myself sitting for exam again. 3 times in total.

the end.
shit..i have to go study again. bye ~

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