Thursday, September 30, 2010

we love you

year comes year ends 
time flies like an airplane;
if you dont enjoy it, you'll end up suffer in agony and dismay 
if you do,you will not realize times sneak away.

it was a touching memories recorded in my pre-u chapter.
in this day, 30 sept, a strict yet humour legend was borned.
yes, she's the legend among all the teachers and lecturers, i couldn't deny she is a very successful lecturer.
she's relatively strict, she scolds people badly and horribly ,
she tease people with a very irony way with something like :
" you know what is gong kia ? gong kia is you ! "
" whoever add me in facebook before this course ends is a moron , they don't have any thinking skill , thinking skill is a total zero, because they let me check out what they do and say in in fb."
" this simple chemistry question can be answered by a baby or a kindergarten kids. "
however , she add some jokes sometimes :
" the pollution causes the BAFFALOS dont have fun times with COWS anymore" ( okay, are cows and baffalos friends ever since ? LOL !!! )
" the examinor is a fierce man , OLDER THAN ME , HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE , ANGRY ... " ( well , these facts dont make a man being impatient and it's not actually a fact but a says from her LOL )
her jokes arent just an oral jokes , she adds some facial expression if it's available from the jokes, something like the :
- b'nnnggg face ( b'nggg = blur , according to her )
- shouts when her favourite tv shows end at the climax
- cute fake smile yet a very irony one
- suffocate face when suffering from alkalosis.
no doubt, everyone is very afraid of her , even english school or malay schools guys.
she is so , yes , but everyone respect her , a lot a lot !
she is so , yes , but everyone will still love her even after she scolds us badly.
but , we know , we know she's scolding us with reason and for our goodness sake.
so no matter how bad she scolds us , right after class dismiss , we'll still respect her and love her.
now, it left only one bloody week before our final study break and graduate from pre-u.
for me , i have a sudden realize that time just flies away without me realizing it.
i'm sad ,
i'm not willing to graduate away from her class,
and i....
i started missing her already...

year comes year ends,
flies like an airplane.
happy birthday, miss leela ,
i wish you all the best, stay healthy , stay happy, stay strict, stay humour,
be the best lecturer especially the chem lecturer.
we love you.
up coming post : miss leela's bday celebration.
i'm gonna cherish the last week nx week.
til then, tears drop dramatically now.
bcos, i love you, miss leela.

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