Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I read a book , its in madarin and the title is ‘说话的艺术' ( the art of talking )
no wait , i read it since a long long long time ago , and i'd forgotten when.
it's all about the technique of talking.
you know what , this is what i believe :
If you've a good talking skill , you're on your half way to success.
If you've a suck talking skill , you're on your half way to failure.
and yeah !  this is true ..
of all these years , i still cant prove the one of my principle (stated above) wrong.

however , when you meet someone like a babarian or anything , ignore them then.
you dont need to waste your time and saliva to talk with someone like that.
ps : but i bet you dont use the art of talking EVERYTIME , you still have to spare some of those kidding and fun talk for you and friends.

somehow , i am thinking of borrowing you this book.

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