Monday, July 12, 2010


people who know huimei say :
huimei's nuts !
she's crazzziiee and fun !
and oh ! she's so sampat !
a 24 hours happy one.

wah..i was sooo ( you know , i know ) last time , no wonder i was sooo (you know , i know ) xD

people who understand huimei say :
i wish you've a world like what you've apparently.
cheers .
she's yet not a happy one inside.
she's actually not as tough as we see.
dont think too much , put all the things away and relax.

oh these two crazy pic was taken after my tennis game , while my whole head is still wet . yeah , am sure.

ps : i found out some of the old pictures and the two below are so funny !! =D

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