Monday, December 21, 2009

one man and one sex bomb

ps: alright qi , i edit this post bcz it's super rude and mean b4 i edit , and i am sure nobody saw that post yet as it's so late already..

urghhhhhh !!!!!!
you really get me pissed off  !!!!!
wth , i was really reallly fed up with u  !!!
yes , u didnt make me fed up ,but your somebody else made me so pissed off !
gv u a good advice , tell them not to look straight at someone when u are gossiping abt ppl , and please pull away their freaking sight afda a second or ppl may realize it! and stop looking at ppl with that kind of weirdo look.
both of them look so freak i can really tell !!
their actions( especially when they were so damn stupid to look at ppl at the same time ) were so omfg big !!!!!!!!
and i am nt blind i tell u !!
and always rmb this : i am a good observant and a mind reader.

i think you really think too much !


i am not saying anyone ,
but if u did something above and feel that i am saying you ,
you know who you are.

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