Thursday, December 17, 2009

kampung boy

went to repair my car number plate , thanks to my bro who had broken my number plate. =/
there's a house which looks like village , the grandpa was doing the repairing works while the grandma was looking at her grandchildren playing snake and the leader. there i started to has this strong feeling........


ignore the reality problem 1st , think ..
the children in villages are always way happier and looks so innocent yet no worries just like a sea gull drifting over the sea without a care .
if i were a village kid.
i might stay in a wood made house , no air-con , no water heater , everything looks poor.

in the morning , i will stretch my body and yawn with my eyes half opened.
slowly , i will walk to the place where the chickens search their worms.

then , i will walk to the paddy field and take a long and deep breath .
ahh...fresh air , a big no boundaries scene with the paddy smile and say welcome .
take another long breath , there i smell a scent of the hard work of farmers.

in the noon , every kampung boy run to the sea side and play without a sense of hygiene , everyone's cloth is dirty but yet still smiling and laughing with joy .

there we hear a loud sound of an old engine..
the fishermen are all back ! and we run to the sea side and waving to our own daddy.
sometimes , we will just wait and start worrying because our dad is nt in the sight yet.

and i will run to grandpa and ask him to tell me story so tat i feel good.
granpa sits on a wood chair with an old bun-shaped fan telling me how they survive during the world war.

until the sun set , i fell asleep with grandpa's world war story and he touched my cheeks softly and carry me back to the house.


okay back to reality , i dun think i will survive in a kampung =/ , so hot so hot and so hot !
and so cold so cold so cold in the morning , and u wanna kill me with letting the mosquitoes bite me days and nights ? oh dear ! playing with the sand and soil , my mum will probably kill me .. oh no !! my dad as a fhisherman , well , i am imagining that..hahahahah !!
but well , still couldnt deny , the day will be very happy IF i were a kampung kid.
okay , i am not anyway , so dun u ever think that i will obsess with these happy and simple life , bcz i am living in a reality wrold ..
i still want to go to those advance and romantic place for vacation , paris !
but i think i will pay a visit to those village in africa ? hahahahaa..
well...mayb !!