Tuesday, December 22, 2009

3 places in 1 day

yesterday was my busiest day ever.

woke up at 8am something , blame my biological alarm clock , or mayb mt and re were way toooo important ?well...re told me nt to be late who knows she was the one who was nt punctual ! brrrr...
went to yam cha at one stop - 中华小橱 .
it's kinda expensive thou but worth it coz it's delicious.
we were like taking pic in the car , and
i was like : wth , nothing to do in the car d la , and the space is so limited , let's go G hotel la !!!
mt : aiyar , abo we go somewhere natural lar , like beach .
me : alright , paradise is the nearest and has the cleaner sea.

me wearing mt's mum sun glass.. LOL..
no wonder...

i love this pic so muccchiiee !!! random and natural.

so tell me , how nuts we are..
until we played with the head set , my goodness...re's idea

hey lala , if i kena chicken pox , you knw who should u all fund ? =D

mtmt !! seriously , i think tat u're vy pretty !!!
am waiting for ur hair to be longer !!! * flip my hair * X)

ok , then headed to paradise , met up with the guys...
wth, i feel like killing zh and lek !! made me sooooo embarrassing .. gahh !!!!!!
okay fine...then photo shooting ...

re's nation. =)

we love this pic  !

we love this pic !

we love this pic !

with liang sun

with lek .

afda tat re , T and i went to autocity with leo club. heee.. weird feeling.
went autocity til night , brrrrrrrr..
b4 the shows started , we went to the wat city box or something to sing , wth !!! stupid !! no quality ..
no wonder it's only rm11+
tired !!!
was busy helping leo club and gini u rocks ( as always ) .
reached home at around 1am .
and slept at around 3++ 4...
way too excited chatting with qi !!
SO LET US DO THE REST. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....

and then we go to test drive....
tada !!!!!!!!!!!!

oh no !! wait!!
stop wow-ing ppl !!!
we were nt testing these mini cooper but just the Kia's new car..xD

love this thingy , very nice

tat's all for the day..
it was contented. =)

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