Saturday, December 5, 2009

happy birthday , ning hui,

nah , this is for you !!
my fovourite junior - chong ning hui.
*omg wth to post* LOL

oh yea !!!
happy b'day !!! ( 4th of dec )
okay lar...
since u replied my text msg abt the honesty stuff then i will post something to surprise you here.. xD
you're a good junior , really .( as i'm a good senior ) . LOL
hey , when did we duty on the same day ?? last year ?? i suppose so. =)
yes , i found that you're an obedient and hardworkind dude.
but of course you're nt as quiet as i thought .
however , you're kinda talkative , uh huh !! okay lar , anyhow you didnt talk yang , acceptable. =)

you're going to be form 4 next year which means you're going to be a committee in B.O.L .
okay , i cant say a thing abt the committee secret here , so wish you good luck for getting a chance to learn the skill of leadership.
dun waste it ! hold it tight and show all ur ability .  ( as not in over power )
learn the leadership well and dun hide urself from the big team.
dun ever forget to respect ur juniors too IF you are a committee.  =)

i think i just knew tat you're a ballerina since you had a long hair last year =.=
aisyeh ~! not bad not bad !! and i went to dewan sri and spotted tat purple ( oh no green or purple ?! oh no ~~~ purple rite ? ) coulour's ballerina and the dono wat flower or wat..LOL !!!!!
haha , goooood move ! shi hun said you're nt bad too ! whooooo ~~
nice nice nice .
ps : eh dun think of those nonsense , nt bad as in ballet.
so keep on ur great job and shine on the stage alright ?

oh yea !
i knw you're in KL now. ( you told me mah )
so hv a nice trip and save journey altho i dono wat's the purpose ; trip or prac or visitting or wat .
oh yea !
ur present is on the way to ur house. xD
so be prepared to receive it. uh huh !
ps : oh hey !!! why cant this stupid blogger upload pic ?!?! nvm , as long as you hv the pic . =]

may all ur dreams come true !!

ps : dun any of you ever think of those nonsense and spread rumours,
or i'll slap you TWICE.

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