Sunday, December 13, 2009

to ying qi

qi ,  this post is for you..
it's all bcz i told u something ytd ,and u answered me with the something , and i was so touched ! oh no ~~

liow wingki , i dunwan u to hear , i want you to listen !!
thank you for being you !!
i love you , and seriously you're my strength !!
you always support me whenever and whatever i want to do . but of course , you didnt lead me to do those wrong stuffs ( you knw what ) , and when i get to do the right stuff , we're always there shouting ' go go go ' ' support you' this and that , that and this.
thx for always supporting me !!!! this is wat i actually need. *wink*

do u knw why did i trust you so much ??
i dont knw why either . =/
it's like i am always me , the real me when i'm in front of you.
i dun even hide anything or any traits of mine , no matter it's a bad one or even evilish one.
i dont care who am i when i am talking to you .

when i am happy , we will always hooraying together .
when i am sad , you will always console me and gv me the best advices.
( mt , you are my best counsellor ,still ! )
when i am angry , you will always ask me not to angry bcz ..........
when i am emo , you always cheer me up ...
when i need help , you will always be there for me.

*click to enlarge*
it's our 'lame whoo-ing-convo'

oh no ~~~~~~
altho we'll study HSC in INTI nx year but but...
your intake is in jan and mine will be in march.
so our class will mix up around june or july...cant get to lala with you , so sad , so sad !!
nvm , we can still meet wat....
it's still in the same college and we can hang out !
dun 4gt , you will get ur license when i am out from ns . whoooooo ~~!
then it's ur turn to fetch me kkk ?? haha...

i'll always here for you tooo..
bcz we're :" i love you , you love me , we're happy BFF " sings barney , ur husband.
even when we finish our hsc , you'll go somewhere else n so am i ..
but our sweet memories had been a history of mine !
sad memories ??? it's still a part of my history bcz it reminds how important and how much i care . =)

so..hey , remember !!!
i love you !!!
why dun u be a guy , or i will be vy happy to find a guy who can let me be myself .
but nooo !! you're not a guy so i love you , my BFF.
of course i dun love you as a lover bcz
I-A-M-N-O-T-A-L-E-S-S-B-I-A-N. it ? yea i knw you do ! hahaha..

oh my !! hahahahaha..oh wei !! i purposely put this !! =p
so nice k ?? hahaha

distance will pull us apart ,
but our friendship will nvm fade.
you're nt my friend
you are mu BFF !

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