Saturday, December 19, 2009

to michelle tan yan li (mt)

wait , dun kill me 1st , let me tell u guys something 1st ..
my post will be some dedicating post nowadays because i am leaving soon.
so ...  click the red cross if u dun want to read. =)

mt ! wow , do u remember something ? this name was given by me when i we were f2 i suppose ?
and now , everyone you knw call u mt .. see ! this is my magical ability  =p
mt oh mt ~ sometimes , i reli hate you !! why cant u just go ns with me and hooi xin ?! u told me u will go !!! =(  hate you hate you hate you lots ! dunwan to go yam cha with u ald ! blah ~!

okay , straight into the points .
i know you are my personal counsellor , dont u ? haha..
for the 4 secret friends : you , qi , xm , re.
you're the top secret friend , which means you knw the most . and i knw u knw abt this too..
and somethign weird is , our secret place is MSN ! my's so not romantic , well , i dont need to be romantic to u , uh huh !

you're the one who always support me and you knw , honestly frankly not-to-lie really i still didnt give up on my 1st dream , just , i will fulfil it with another way , and i have told you .
this is even better doesnt it ??? bcz nobody will go mood swing and swing the big big ..( you knw wat )
okok , so now , you knw wat i want to be , not bad eh ??? and i have decided , bcz i had register in inti. , wat abt you ? you still havent tell me ? tell me in msn ok , koay teow tan ! xD xD
i love to listen to your advice , really ! bcz u knw , your advice's frequency match mine , so....accepted.

tell you secretly , people , dun let her knw i am telling this ..
actually you are pretty , big eyes , long eye lashes , blah !~ theresa and others said so too !!! and now i wonder how would ur bf be..xD as you , oh myyy... okay , i will wait and're so independent and a good listener , there'll be someone perfect for you. =D

my best friend , my best friend..
you will nvr knw how much i miss you afda secondary school , and i have already used to let u scold in sch , let u be irritating and liam liam liam ( babble ) non stop in sch , let you bit me with your dono-from-where's-muscular-hand ( wth , you're so small size and you. .... ok , i am so good , aint i ? coz i nvr hit u back whooooo ) , let me tease me in school and yada yada....
you will nvr knw , when i was hugging you on graduation night , i was like , oh no !!! will my best friend ever still be my secret friend ?? i worry. but now , i hv gt the answer , bcz we're true secret and best friend , i knw our friendship will nvr fade nor end. do you agree?? heeeee...

mt the cat ,
i know you always support me watever whenver whoever blah ~
no matter what is it ! really , like that ( mask brand ) , it's an example. haha..
hey you knw wat ?? i wrote the longest autograpgh for you =/
8 or 9 pages or 10 ?! i suppose...and i just wrote 1 or 2 page(s) for the others , hahaha..aiyar , i am busy wat , hv soooo many autograph ( er hermmmmm ) to write , how am i able to write so long for everyone ? wow !! cry cry cry !! cry now !! touched eh??? xD want tissue ?

eh eh ! do u rmb tat i am ur redbox ?!?!
your fault !! always ask me to send you song , so noisy .. hahahahaa...
it's like send you almost everyday ( bcz i dl song everyday )
and yeah , once again , our frequency match , so the songs i love are yours too..
rmb ? you always say ' huimei , you knw tat song ar , title long long 1 , contonese song ..... '
and i will guess and send you the song , and i always get it right altho u didnt tell me the title ..
wth , can u plz get the title b4 ask me to send you  ? hahaa..but nvm , bcz of this , we prove that we've

michelle tan , remember this !
you have my ears , so , i will always listen to you .
you have my playlist , so you can always ask for songs , and i've used to send you song , so , not irritating anymore ,  hashaha..i didnt send you recently , you knw why , i just way too busy to on my msn. xD
you have my breakfast, you can always ask me for tim sam / yam cha with xm and re .
you have my protection , bcz you knw wat i want to be nx time , so call me whenever you need help !
ps : my ambition isnt police or dai ka che(gangster) or whatsoever horrible and violence.. LOL
and of course !! i will support you always too !!!

take care !!
love you my bff !

let bygones be bygones.

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