Wednesday, December 16, 2009

speak by exchanging sight

cant update my bloggie yet , no pic .. =/
by the way , p1 really..........iisshhh !! my connection is soo sooo soooo slow !!! gonna go mad with it.
anyway , let me tell you a story !

once upon a time , there's a star held up high in the starry starry night ,
every night , it shines into my window pane , blinking as if it's smiling to me.
the name is ' Evangelina ' .
whenever i am in a bad mood or a good mood , i will look deep into its core and telling it everything through my eyes , and i knw it loves my eyes , because my eyes are so sincere , sorrow or happy either. i wont be hyper whenever i am looking at Evangelina because i know it will always be there to listen all my says in the day. it's patient , so , i enjoy talking with it through my eyes .
sometimes , it shines brighter when i am telling it all the joyful thing i have been in that day.
i look at it every night until i fall asleep and my mind stop wishing.

one day , i told it my wish , and hoping it to fulfil it .
well , at the first , i was quite disappointed with it but when i thinked at the bright side , there it went ..
after that , i found tat Evangeline loves me really much !
because it loves me too much , it granted my wish !
mayb it heard me when i am listening to the grievous 'wish' by S.E.N.S , so it decided to make me happy !
there , as time time passed , i felt that my life is more and more colourful !
and there i went to tell Evangelina abt it , and wish it fulfil my another wish ..
i dont know ! i really dont know !! but i , mayb , perhaps , guess it did hear what i wish !

now , thanks Evangelina ! i love you !
thank you so much ! you really loves me , dont you ?
thanks for fulfilling my wishes , but i hope , it's not an illusion alright ??
bless me til my last breath !!


your priority .
so dont let the chance glide away .
tell me you will cherish and grab all the opportunities i give.
if i am yours ,
if you are mine.=)
Evangelina , i know you will always love me , dont you ?
yea , i appreciate what you gv me.
much appreciate !

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