Saturday, December 12, 2009


you , read every single words carefully !

wait , let me think of one word to describe you ......
can you please dun think that you are whoever else to me ??
like i cant live without you ? c'mon , no way !!
now my life would be so much better without you.
i mean SO MUCH !!
what a lump of bull shit !
nonsense !!!

right now i am telling you , you're killing my brain cell !
my brain cell isnt for you to destroy bcz you're nt worth at all..
nt even a nano-sized cell..
wat the hack !
and dun ever disturb me , you're indirectly disturbing my brain cells , and you're trying to kill me.

what ?
make everything simple , can you ?
nobody asks you to think of the complicated way , if you want to think too much..
go on with your life , dun mess up with me..

maybe you want me to use a loudspeaker + amplifier to shout at you :
ur name , you are  a total freak !!
dun be a GGO !

now scold me and dun talk to me lorr..
i would be happier .


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