Thursday, December 10, 2009

it's all about orange

as i mentioned yesterday , i went to gurney with sher and chaw yeh ytd..
and these are the only two pic you had... =(
nvm , we hang out again ok ?!?!?!?
sher , dun go home so early k ???
we had so much fun ytd including.....
trying outfit in the fitting room and take pic.hahaha...
this is it :

sher , chaw yeh and i

okay so as i said too , we were so chi cham and have no money , so i fetched cy to 711 and buy cup noodle as we were very very hungry !
waited his dad there , who knows....
after waiting 1 hour , her dad told her tat his car broke down..ohno ~ so i fetched cy back.
went to her house to play mahjong , turn over her cupboard and took pic with her nice outfit and kimono !
b4 tat , i watched graduation night's dvd, whee ~~ and we spotted this wth !!
me , crying !!!! hahahahahahahah..
wow wat a rare yet previous scene !! hahah ..
btw i took this pic from the pc screen..hahahhaha..omg so embarrassing !!

eating pringles and drank yogurt btw , hahaha,,

dressing time!
me wearing graduation night ajk's costume !!! wheee ~~~

presenting the orange

omg even premier wat the hack ?!!  so it's with my sick face. 
flu ? use PREMIER

here i found some pic of chaw yeh and her bro.and i imitate .when i was imitating , i said : eh i am imitating cy now , so i need to close my eyes smaller..HAHAHAHAHA
wth cy , i wonder where you bought this beg ?!

orange malay essay pic..
wei u should hv throw this away right now !!

my goodness cy !! i salute u !!!! why do u hv so many orange shirts?!?!!?!
so i said : lelong lelong , 3 for RM 1 .

not even one wants to buy , so i hv to leave it for myself and wear goodness ! so gross !!! and do u notice the pants ???? my goodness !!!!! we were sheeer nuts !!

change change change!!!
tadaaaaa !!!! kimono !!!
seriously , i love it !!!!! i nvr love something will flower but this is reli nice , the colour and all..hahaha

picture of the day !!!!!!
*whistle + applause  *

tmr's plan :
morning : charity at adventist ( JOIN ME )
afternoon : qb with T
evening : tennis with keane ( wei , i didnt play for a whole year d , why did u suddenly wanna play ? i hope i wont be collecting ball for you. )

i am very contented now.
love my life.

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Xiao Mei said...

EH,u in yr ajk shirt doing butterfly post very nice u noe! u shud put it as yr fb profile pic!seriously!