Saturday, December 12, 2009

be strong

i smile when i see the patient on the bed smile.
wat's their feeling actually ???
they're struggling for life ?? being cool of the sickness ?? they dun care ?
inside them are crying .. ? thinking of what to do next ? enjoy life to the max so he/she wont be regret afda he/she goes back to Him ? i suppose...
so what ??
life goes on .
you hv to live ur life even if u're sad , so why sad ???

what ???
worry ?? i say u're nuts !! yea you !! stupid thing..
you're sheer awful..yeah i mean you !! you you you !!!!
do ya knw wat's call 杞人忧天 move on idiot..
so what ??
nothing's gonna happen because i believe !
He is blessing you , He may see wat had you done , He will make a rational decision for ur fate. so ???
you're a human nt a's nt ur time to worry this n tat , tat and this.
be your human , c'mon !

talk idiot talk !!!
what ??? i thought u're a super talkative people ?? what ???? i thought u cant live without talking ??
you hide yourself ?? why ??? are you afraid or what ??? nvm , i knw you're strong arent you ???
noooo..noww!!!!! there'll nt be a nightmare but a medical check up report stated ' healthy ' and walk out from the hospital and hop like a freak .. so , go get it now !!! i knw this is wat it suppose to be , nonono...this is wat it WILL be ! headache only mah.... small case small case !! yeah ! small case !

you remember ?? you said u want to do so many thingsss ...
you rmb wat the hell 9 things you want to do ???? so move on !!! move on move on , i bliv you can , bcz you're so simply awesome !!!

that is my you.
full of bless .

somehow ,
she's shivering.

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