Monday, September 1, 2008

the rainbow after the rain

after eating cheese ..
i get a lil bit happiness..
because cheese is delicious , and will make ppl feel happy u know ?

afterall , i am satisfied.=]
thanks for the cheese.

and jia wen , u're right.
if she cherish our friendship , friendship i mean.
she will be my friend still.
if not , i also dont need to be disappointed...
becase i loss a friend who is not treat me as friend.
but i dono wat she thinks la..
i am not her anyway.
but of coz !!
i din hate her or dislike her or wat !!

i just treat her as friend,as usual..
dont u ??

i dono..
i am waiting.

hope our friendship is still d same..


魂·失 said...

omg...eating cheese will mek ppl happy?? wats dis? LOL

huimei said...

lol !!! it has got other meaning actually.