Sunday, September 14, 2008

support me or not ?

u know what's my ambition well..
u're the one who i respect the most.
my ambition=my dream=my life(part of).
dont u support me ?
both of them ( dad , mum) already agreed.
i knw my physic is not tat excellent yet.
i am working hard.
i knw even though u r not agree , i'll still study.
but i just want u to agree !

everytime u will say :
pilot the pen
pilot very dangerous
pilot is d captain of d plane
pilot is a high risk job
but if i will die in a air crush , tat means i will die in an accident on the same day,no matter how i avoid.
it's an easy sentence as everytime u said.
fate is a constant,i believe.

i do not know what's your reason which u do not want to support me.
if it's bcz of it's a high risk job , plz scroll up.
if it's bcz i am a female ..
oh my god...i knw this is not the reason.
it's enough if u agree when everyone on earth dun agree.
this is the truth that i wanna say.
just dun talk abt this face to face.
until you support me.

michelle ryan . the played-well woman pilot.


魂·失 said...

no body bo support u coz of dat reason la.... gambateh... xD

i will add oil for u la...hahaha

huimei said...