Wednesday, September 17, 2008


going to shopping with sis soon.
tadaa !! itro u all my sis , my girlfriend..XD
me ... revolution >>>>>
ma beloved !
hui ying in the house , hui mei in the house..cousin's car outside the house.LOL ! we hv couple pic. =p

of coz , i wont miss my green tea ice cream later..
n mayb green tea frap in starbuck..

this is my fav drinks !!! i am in love with the one who made this fabulous drinks !

this is at d groun floor. the green tea shop.. RM2.50 each. =d

so ..
bye guys

to buy list : a short pants and a tee. =)


魂·失 said...

wah u....make me qi kek dream car... x.x

huimei said...

anyway , my dream car is pontiac solstice. =D