Friday, September 19, 2008

posted by hz ! ( laugh me to hell )

And okay, mentioning about school. Photos taken during library duties.
captured by hz , we r still talking.
hey you ! yun yan
oh yea ! i am pro in binding ! here i go . =)

binding again. =]

cleaning d table . ( was acting for moral proj) =]

sweeping d floor ( moral proj ) =]
here is henna lulubelle !! ( lulu belle is her dog's name) XD
arranging d book. ( moral proj ) =]
moral prj
They're not working, they're just posing.(for proj ) =)
Huimei was oh-my-gosh, so high!!!
We were talking about expressing yourselves, saying I love you to those that you like and they dared her to say I love you to miss chan, the not-liked library assistant who always give us wierd jobs like washing the basin, clean the curtains.
And she was Okay, No problem!!
there she goes...
"Hey, Miss Chan, I love you."
Miss chan looked up, stunned, stared at her.
After a few minutes, (and we were laughing like hell beside)
She asked, you're taking a dare?
Nobody answered her, we were laughing to hard.
Then, someone asked huimei to ask her Miss chan do you love me?
She went.
Unfortunately, Miss chan looked up and say " u come again?"
She scuttled back laughing.
Then being still very excited and happy, huimei went dancing.
some wierd moves that I do not know how to describe.
And she even climbed up the ladder and acted like a chicken and even a mushroom +
dance on d ladder + climb up to d top of d ladder .
Freak. =)
hz , seriously , i am reli a freak.
huimei d freaking arthur. =)

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