Sunday, August 31, 2008

taekwondo ann. dinner .

taekwondo anniversay ?
to be honest..
it's kinda borinng..
and i was not performing..
whahaha !!!!!
good ...
rest !!
just being a DJ...
XD !

friday night.
after tuition.
went to hv dinner with sis..
we were like crazy people there...
we ordered 台湾香肠.........超级麻辣...
we ate , and , gonna cry !!
end up , we left 5 pieces....
but 1 pieces already killing our tongue !!!

my sis dare me to eat !!
ok ! so i ate..
i ate 5 pieces altogether..

at 1st , it's like quite okay..
but after tat, it starts to be spicy...
and finally..
i cannt tahan !!!!!!
i was like tears dropped as if i was at d funeral..
somemore somemore...
me and my sis laughed like hell !!!
so ppl think we r crazy !!!
and to me..
i am worse..
bcz i was dropping tears and laughing..
hahahah !!!!!!
anyway , it's quite fun afterall..

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