Wednesday, August 20, 2008


monday went gurney with wei xi,chai ling and pei wen...

at d 1st , we planned to go Tao after gurney.
but they hv no transport..
so fine......
we went gurney..
do nothing but walked around...
and...of coz...
i am a freak eat-er..

1st place was kim gary..
i ordered the wat frech toast and wat baked condense milk blablabla thingy..
and my drink was strawberry with aloe vera.
u know , aloe vera is good for health .. XD !

after tat , i went to buy ice cream..
green tea ice cream...=d

wei xi said wanna eat po loh pao..
so we went wong kok ..
i ate too.,.

then we went to G hotel..
as usual..

i love the interior design in d G hotel !!
the main colour is dark brown..
the feeling is ...
blah !! i dono how to say !
just tat i love tat kind of design.
so my future house + room will be like tat for sure.=]

i said something and they gonna faint !
"eh , i want to eat !! kia , go secret recipe" said huimei..
hahaha !!!
well...they knew me too well..
so they were fine..

we ate d wat .. darn !
i had forgotten d name..
it's fabulous !
who knows...
i am sttill....hehehehh..
so i ordered mushroom soup.
in secret recipe..

there came some foreigners...
i have to say tat ...
they are all very good looking !!!!

full stop. =]

pei wen and me

me, pw , wx


fabulous cake destroyed by them

see !! hw attractive ! when they close the light , it's mostly dark brown.. COOL !!!

look !! black and white + a lil but red .... awesome!

[ pic will be uploaded more ]

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