Monday, August 25, 2008

library anniversary

23rd of august.
library anniversary.
it's successful overall..
i mean....every items went well..
but i have to admit that..
it's quite boring overall..
our dance...

anyway ...
we had learn a lot of stuffs..
although the whole gong1 cheng2 is very difficult...
everything is not as easy as ppl see...
but it's good tat we had learn a lot of things..

it's d most successful thing in d whole ann. ..
LOL !!!
yess...i love it a lot !!!!!
it's shi wan , me , jia mien , hz's art work,...
51th anniversary , theme : 舞忆..
not bad huh..

preparing to's not so small....the place is 20 times bigger than this..

the little wheel thingy


51舞忆 look carufully , d word 舞忆also containing d word 51


enjoy pic !!

me and my dance partner >> hz ! (ps: my hair a bit cacat jor )

cool !!!! 农历的七月still havent over yet..XD !!!! i love this a lot !!

henna , hz , jia mien , me.

1st row frm the left : shien li , chia chiu , henna , hsieh zhen. 2nd row from the left : sharlene , hui mei , jia mien. shien li & jia mien chia chiu & sharlene hsieh zhen , henna & huimei. wahhaha !! they said me play play..>.<>

me and phaik yu ? dono how to spell..XD

pic will be uploaded more.=]

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