Sunday, August 10, 2008

leg injury

today went training as usual..
but today's training is a bit more interesting .=D
at d 1st , ah sir let us free sparring.
so ok ....
i injured my right leg ..

very very pain !!
but i stand it until training end.
but by the way , we had d interesting training ..

it was ..
everyone holding a target and formed a circle..
and u will have to go inside d ring .
any one will raise up d target and u have to go n kick it..
if they hold d target this way , u hv to kick this kick , if they hold tat way , u hv to kick tat kick.
it is abt 2 minutes ..
well !
2 min is tiring !
dun think it's easy !

as i mentioned..
i am abt cacat d..
but still dun care..

dun care dun care...
after tat ..
my leg was a bit swollen ..
and now...
still vy pain !!!
cannot wear shoes..

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