Sunday, August 17, 2008

astronomy day

16th of august .
astronomy day held in clhs...
we all basketball family went ! XD
and of coz , there r a lot of other ppl from pcghs , form 4..

let's start frm d environment..(LOL)
clhs is way bigger than pcghs , no doubt ..
but !
the classroom and all are like jail more than a classroom ..
the table , windown and whatsoever are so ......
so pcghs's peoples , do cherish our school !

the station games , talk , and everything are so boring !!!!!
those r all wasting time stuffs !
i rather stay at home and watch my movie !
duhh ~~

we saw a XXY (means a tian sheng ah pon)ppl there..
he is so so so disgusting !
somemore dono shy !
beh paise !
gao bin poi !
if u want me to list out wat he had done ..
i will say , there r endless !
me and yee jy gossip as if he offended us.
but he really do !
his attitute and all make us wanna vomit !!!
not only us , those phor tay , sggs , and clhs ppl all feel so !

at night at abt 7.00++8.00..
there was so dark already.
then other school's ppl all went down already and still left us, pcghs 1..
then all d class had switched off d light.
so it's so so so dark !
wan yi and zhu yin were vy scared !!
hahahah !!
then tat zhu yin vy horrible !
suddenly shouted , let me get shocked for uncountable times !
duhh ~~

lastly ,
we went to clhs's 天文台..
at the 1st , we r suppose to see stars..
but end up ..
there r NO STAR !!
and the moon is BLUR !!!!
so we see NOTHING !
this is d most important program but ...
sigh !~

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