Monday, August 18, 2008


tadaa ..
hui mei is going to change 360 degree !!!
but it's forced to..

why 360?
i cannot tell yet , coz this is club secret..
but u guys will know after saturday !!

i still considering..
i am so nervous right now ..
will i really do that ?! i wonder*
that's so not me !

tat dumb one said , if i do that , the sun will rises from d west !
hmph !
last year already wat , so i will let the sun rises from the west !!!!
i will do it ! X-O

just a few of minutes only wert !
still got ppl have to do it also wert !
i am nt the only one wert !
so what ?!

this year we organize the llibrary anniversary , and also perform for the last year..
so i had decided !!
i will do it !
i want my ann. to be a surprising one .
10++ ppl sacrifice theirselves and brg some surprise to ppl.
=S =X

just look !
i wont say no easily !
so , guys..
the sun will rises from the west on THIS SATURDAY .

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