Thursday, November 27, 2008

el mondo

el mondo , an italian food restaurant.
it's located at e-gate.
beside TAO. it's the corner-most one.
the decoration and the style of the restaurant is nice though.
i mean , i like it. =)
the light is a lil bit dim but mayb this is a romantic restaurant for couple. sis n i ordered mushroom soup as appetizer.
the mushroom soup looks a lil bit too brown , eh ?
yes , it's b4 u stir it. well..the mushroom soup is unique.
the mushroom taste like had been smashed?
yea , i think so.

mushroom soup + garlic bread

here come the drinks ..
uhh..i had forgotten the name of the drinks.
the left 1 tastes sour , the right one taste sweets.
the left one should be more suitable for this.
ps : the drinks make the bill more valuable for them.aha.

and finally , the pizza ! oh my gosh !!
the pizza percutaneous is so thin and the cheese is sooooo..
should i say thick of a lot ? =p
it's so yummy !
and the red slices aren't the sausage thingy , it's beef. wow !!
feel so hungry afterall , times to search for some supper. [ 1.19am ]


kc said...

geez.....i want go there makan....
eh c when go makan la...u intro me wat nice there... xD

huimei said...

okay..sure !