Wednesday, November 5, 2008

i miss blogging !!
ha ! finally i'm back..
exam is suffering . @.@
there r exam still , but all paper 1 , and paper 2 , 3 ald finish , means tat ald studied all b4. =D
and i curi curi on9 .. XD
feel so good to touch my darling computer !!
exam sambil sms .
geng huh !
bo huat , who ask me to exam in class..
and chew yee soon ....XD XD
so bo huat lar...
english paper , math , bc left 45 minute which is so omg long !!
end up , mr. chew yee soon tot i sot jor , suddenly laugh myself..
nah , ini mr.lau k-chiun lo !!
make me laugh like siao nia.. -.-
but it's fun to do adventurous stuff..
lol !!
as long as i din against the law rite ?
just sms-ing , din cheat also.
hahaha...R B !!
they r still working hard.
the light is nice huh !


kc said...

if zai u exam sambil sms...hmph...

kc said...

but....unbelievable huh....
i ask u wan giv u answer not u say dun wan....hahaha...
not bad not bad...
*respects xD

YingTan said...

i wanna report to ms yeo eng sim. ask her to see this blog! XD

huimei said...

kc : hahaha..of coz la. LOL

ying : go lo..i din cheat also...scare for wat