Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the best day ever

we have THREE PERIOD of PJ continueously for today..
1:chem teacher ruturn
2:normal pj
3:eng teacher let us continue to play , she came to padang..
uhhhh ~~~ 3 periods of pj !!!!!
i love pj lots !
u knw wat ..
since 2008 , they arrange pj to 2 days , which 1 period a sad rite ? *pathetic
we dun even hv enuf time to 'lenggang' down..
duhhh..wat a rush..

let's start my 'schedule' .

1 : true or dare( i knw , we shud play some sport game, but who cares , we hv 3 periods ! and there r so many other class's student , it's more exciting')

the even dare me to put my leg on the chair and let teacher see.somemore said : teacher , is my leg nice ? still got to do some miang + disgusting action. omfg...but end up , i did..i am always so sporting..haha...they laughed like hell but also , they gv me a big big applause..LOL ..very very fun*

2: badminton
played with tze teng , selina , jia yen amd xiao fern ( oh , i love to run here and there for different partner , LOL )

3: volleyball

i spoted jia yen , so i asked her to teach me a lil bit and played..vb is not difficult to play , easy to learn. haha..but not pro in it. so just can play . jia yen was like o-m-g-pro..i knw she's sch team)
we played for quite a long time..around 1 period , no wonder my hand from .. to

i am going to love volleyball soon.

4 : skipping rope
oh how bad , the stupid rope was like , kinda long ?
well , we did use the rope to play ..errrrr.... (wat's the name) something they hold at a level , u hv to bend ur body , not allow to touch the rope v any part of body , so tat u can pass thru the rope.i knw everyone knws this game.=D i can play like , quite very good..XD they said i am rubber band . LOL

5 : 'football'
we used volleyball to kick ! which make us run like mad , oni me , miyuki , chee lynn , jing ying played ..woah , 4 person with such a big until........

6: hoo-la quan.
haha .. i do not knw the english name of tat thingy.
alllah ~~~ i dono how to rotate it larh ! so i used it to and hit ppl's butt..hahahaha !! tat's so so so funny until f2 student also laughed at me.hahaa...i hit 'yeah-man' 's butt , and we were like laugh like hell....
another game is .. asked BB to sit there , and throw d hoo-la .. like she's a cocacola bottle.. =.=

i found tat volleyball is nice and easy..
but it is killing my wrist , hand ....
i think my wrist will chg colour tmr..XD
it's a bit pain now .. hahahaa...
my wrist was TOTALLY RED in colour just now !!
although it's pain , but i still love it !!

aha ~ i asked everyone to wear pj shirt on fri , coz i am going to ask teacher brg us down again..XD
hahahahaha...i knw i can persuade the 3 teachers....


i just love pj a lot!

going to miss it til nx year.=(

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kc said... envy u......i cant play volleyball d lo...coz last time....wan stop my cousin from falling when hand stand...then injured my thumb.....if knocked at it too hard then vry pain liao...
sighz....tho....m betta at controlling my force to throw d ball....+ distance... xD