Wednesday, November 26, 2008

a quirk of me

embarrassing case.
off to have dinner just now and u knw wat ?
i saw a stranger wearing a familiar t-shirt..
eh ? eh ?
oh yea !! tat's my t-shirt which i was wearing ..
omg !! so damn embarrassing !

huimei's principle : hate ppl wearing same outfit with me.

aha..i knw it's a lil bit ridiculous..
but so far i had never seen anyone wearing the same outfit with me , except today , oh yea , and tat day..both of them are pdi shirt..
and my sch bag , nobody's using the same sch bag with me.which 1 feel so proud and satisfied for buying it. but of coz , it's a nice bag , nt tat kind of ungly until nobody use it.=p
my pencil's still unique...
eh wait !!! tat mt has it too !!! oh luckily i chg ald..hahaha ! or i will feel uncomfortable.hee..
although i seldom wear these shirt , but wat a coincidence ? just dislike it a lot !
so from now onwards , i'll not buy pdi's shirt *although i seldom buy.

the feeling of embarrasing is ridiculous ? is offensive ? is funny ? maybe it's like the t-junction.


kc said...

aiyo far i kena once nia...
i bought d shirt 1st...then i think my cousin saw it then go buy oso few months later....then got one day saw it few like beh shiok aneh eh...haha

but wont feel too bad pencil case oso unique ma...bag oso....bag coz its too ugly so ppl wanna take...

so another way of preventing ppl wearing d same shirt v u is.........wear till vry ugly otherwise wear d most expensive ones.. hoho

huimei said...

wat ... wear til ugly ? how geli from sua pa ..