Thursday, November 27, 2008

miss saigon

miss saigon , a vietnamies restaurant.
again , it located at e-gate . besides old town/georgetown ? or mayb near there.
the decoration and the style is nice too..
philipin's style,a different one.

my sis order this . it's quite nice.but u'll feel disgusting if u eat too much , i mean the something sushi-like thingy,but of coz it's a totally vietnamies style.

and i order the wat beef..see , the beef is in the bamboo , and do u see the red juice-like at the bottom of the bamboo? it's a hot pepper sauce.super duper spicy !! make me looks like a dog or even cow ? for some minutes. haha !

and i personally like the chopstick and the spoon.
it's made by something like wood ?

the price is affortable , i think it's quite cheap.
and the food is fabulous.haha !
i'm a food maniac.heee.
those restaurant must pay me for the introducing. was kidding.
the love of the chef is felt when the food is chewed and dissolved in the mouth cavity.


kc said...

haha....dat red one not blood lai meh?coz d beef bo sek one... xD
but i oways order for medium one when makan steak eh...

huimei said...

wat !? no ok !!!
*.* making me feel sick .. lol